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Draw Bar CraneHiab Crane

Our Hiab is a 8 wheel Scania with a plant body with hydraulic ramps and a 18 ton winch.
It also has a pm sp45 hiab that has a lift capacity of:
8400kg @ 4.6 meters
5900kg @ 6.35 meters
4450kg @ 8.20 meters
3480kg @ 10.20 meters
2830kg @ 12.20 meters
2300kg @ 14.50 meters

Hiab Crane
Hiab Transportation

We use this vehicle for lifting boats, containers, anything and everything. We also use it for the movement of plant machinery, tractors with the aid of the hydraulic cheese wedge ramps and 18 ton winch.

Hiab Scania
Hiab 8 wheel Scania