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Long Loads

Draw Bar Crane

We have a number of extendable trailers capable of carrying loads up to 19mtrs long, and for the extra-long loads we have trailers able to carry loads up to 40mtrs long, these have the advantage that they are fitted with all steering axles for improved manoeuvrability

Long Load Staffordshire

This picture is a steel cage which is sunk into the ground, it is part of a 4 month contract with Romtech Ltd to deliver 22meter long cages to the centre of London. The site requires our new 5 axle Doll extending low loader and one of our 3 axle Broshuis trailers, both with all axle steering for bridge clearance and site access.

Wide Loads

Long Load Staffordshire

As well as the ability to move extra-long loads, we can also transport wide loads, including arranging all movement permits, and if necessary providing an escort vehicle and an attendant. The attendant will also be able to, if needed, assist with cranage as they hold a slinger/banksman certificates.